A New Year

Hello friend,

I am again running the Grand Rapids Half-Marathon this fall. I am still running with Team World Vision but this year is a little different.

This year Lyric, myself, and my friend Daniel will alos be running with MyTeamTriumph. MyTeamTriumph is an organization that gives handicapped individuals the opportunity of a lifetime, to run in a race. They consist of “Angels”, the runners, and a “Team Captain”, a handicapped individual who rides in a race chair. Over the past couple months we have gotten to know a girl named Lizzie who goes to our church and who is a resident at David’s House, an adult foster care home. Lizzie has always desired to be able to run and walk.

This year’s race will be incredibly life-changing for everyone involved. And we would love to invite you to join our team as well. We are still running to provide clean water to those in Africa. $50 gives one person clean water FOR LIFE. But this year you also have the opportunity to support those who have to walk miles and miles for water, and those who can’t walk at all.

There are a few significant ways you can join:

1. Prayer. Pray for our endurace as we do something we have never done before, pushing a chair and a person for 13.1 miles.

2. Cheer us on! We would love to have as many fans show up to cheer us on on raceday, October 23. You are more than welcome to come and can stay around and mock our pain at the after-race TWV party tent.

3. Financial support. As you know, $50 gives one person clean water FOR LIFE. We have already raised at least $580 which gives clean water to eleven people. That is huge! Any donation changes lives. Help us reach our goal of $3,000 and 60 lives changed forever. Donate here.

Thank you for all of your support! We love you!

Team Lizzie



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