Coming in Hot

I’m not a huge fan of change. Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with me can testify that I love my routines and schedules and change just throws me for a loop on the crazy train. It’s not an enjoyable ride.

But, God never has been one to leave people comfortable. He’s a veteran at changing things up and using people in ways only He can.

That is exactly what God has been doing in my life lately; changing things up for His glory.

On Thursday, September 8, 2016, I took a huge leap of faith and moved out of my parents house for the first real time (besides for the Bridge Street Mission School and Pine Ridge Bible Camp). It is a giant step for me. I will be interning with a ministry called City Life which is under Youth for Christ, for urban ministry. I also started my new job at the Hall Street Bakery recently [visitors are welcome :)]. Yeah, it’s a weird fit for a guy who can’t stand coffee. Two new things all in one week?!

Although I am super excited and I know this is exactly where God wants me, it is also very terrifying. To quote my dear girlfriend, I am “nervouscited”. It’s a fun place to be.

I know myself enough to know I hate change. That is why I implement schedules and routines in my life to keep me sane. But I also know that God can only use people who are completely sold out for him. So although this move and new phase in my life is extremely terrifying at times, I am doing it because I know God is God and I am not. I know His plans are so far greater than mine ever could be. It causes me to have faith. I must put into action this faith I profess to have.

So here’s to the ever-fun adventure of trusting that God knows best.

Change, here I come!



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