A Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day. For all of us single folks, those words come with mixed feelings. Both the longing for a significant other and the joy we find in not having one at this point in life.

Thankfully, my parents didn’t allow me to date until I was 18. And now at the school I’m at we aren’t allowed to date, which I am also extremely thankful for. We can focus totally on knowing God and making Him know.

As our school director often states, “Run like crazy after Jesus and if anyone keeps up, introduce yourself.” Amen, brother.

But how are us single folks supposed to occupy ourselves while all our friends are out with their significant other spending way to much on dinner, danishes, and delicacies?

If you’re asking that question, you’re in the right place (This list is from an article posted on Relevant.com).

1. Take a Trip

It’s not too late to pull a Christmas With the Kranks and get out of town. Go camping with your bros or bro-ettes, drive up to a nearby town, get a beach condo or a cabin in the mountains.

Be spontaneous and take advantage of the fact that you don’t have anything keeping you in town this weekend. Feel free to point and laugh in the faces of the bozos spending their Valentine’s Day weekends over-indulging in the dinner special at Buca Di Beppo by the outlet mall.

2. Treat Yo Self

We can all take a cue from Donna and Tom this Valentine’s Day. The advantage of being single on a holiday (especially males for this particular holiday) is that it’s a whole lot cheaper.

What are you going to do with that extra dough you would have spent on that Timex watch he’s been wanting or that over-priced bundle of earth (also known as a bouquet of flowers) that you would have bought her? Treat yo self!

3. Just Go On Living Your Life

If you really don’t want to observe the holiday—don’t. Go to church, Sunday brunch, stop by the store and pick up those 40-watt fluorescent light bulbs you’ve been needing (you really should consider some softer lighting, though), head home and watch Netflix like you always do on Sunday.

Because, in reality, Valentine’s Day is just another day.

4. Watch Realistic Love Movies

Some people will tell you that watching rom-coms on Valentine’s day is a good idea. I don’t advise this. It’s important to remember that while relationships can be really fulfilling, sometimes they fail, and that’s OK.

Luckily for us, the indie movie genre thrives on realistic storytelling, especially when it comes to romance. Here are a few movies where—spoiler!—things don’t quite work out:


500 Days of Summer
High Fidelity
Annie Hall
An Education
The first 10 minutes of Up (go ahead, cry it out)
Marley & Me (right?)

5. Host a Friends Dinner

This may be the oldest trick in the book, but if you’re prone to feeling lonely without a valentine, it’s super effective. Invite some friends over, cook dinner and embrace the fact that in all of the ways that actually matter, you’re not alone.

Sure, it’s cliche, but so is everything about this holiday.

6. Get a Cat and Accept Your Fate

Maybe it’s time.


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