BSMS Update!!

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted! A ton has happened. Let’s see if I can remember it all.

From November 15-21 we were in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We took a 15-passenger van rode-trip out to visit the YWAM base there and learn about what YWAM is. We joined them for their teaching that week on the topic of relationships. Also, we were able to explore some at the Garden of the Gods, Pulpet Rock, Manitou Springs, and more. It was amazing being out there among the mountains and massive rock structures. It would be a great place for a “date with God”.

We’ve continued in our teachings here on various weekly topics. Some of the topics were The Character & Nature of God (one week on each part of the Trinity), Prayer & Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, and The Choice Project. Now we are focusing more on social justice and christian community development as we gear up for our global outreach, which brings me to. . . .

I’m going to Guatemala!!! After a couple weeks of waiting we officially learned where our outreach locations will be in early November. The BSMS students will be split between Guatemala and India. The Guat team is: Mikey, Ben, Leah, Cole, Onalee, Lyric, and myself. The India team is: Tyler, Maddie, Lauren, Kaitlyn, Nick, and Zoë. I’m so pumped!! I’ll be able to use my limited Espánol and hopefully come back speaking like a native. 🙂 But I am trying to learn as much Spanish as I can before we leave in early January. We will be in Guat for two months, January and February. Hopefully I’ll post another update during Christmas break right before we leave to give you more info on everything.

We’ve continued to reach out locally to our neighbors whether through our free coffee shop, The Pavilion, or through our middle school tutoring program, Resurgence +, our just through everyday encounters. I’ve made a new friend in a young neighbor boy who lives across the street from us. We’re hoping to start a shoveling business once we get some snow. 🙂

Overall, these past 3 months have been an absolute blast!! I’ve been learning and growing so much. I’ve been stretched to my limit at some times. But I’ve also had the opportunity to show the other students and our neighbors the love of Christ through selfless service and acts of kindness. I’ve been so blessed by each encounter I’ve had with everyone on the WestSide. After all, as the saying goes, the WestSide is the BestSide.



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