I don’t know what I feel about my facial hair. But I’m giving you the opportunity to make me have it and have it long!

Tomorrow I move into The Lincoln at Bridge Street House of Prayer Mission School (Read more about BSHOP here). I am moving into the Westside of Grand Rapids, Michigan for the next 8 months. I’m so excited and ready to see how God is going to use us for His glory.

But I’m still short about $2,000.

Would you 1) love to see me embarrass myself with extensive facial hair, or 2) love to invest in my future by donating to my time at BSHOP?

Now here’s the fun part. For every $10 donation I receive from you, yes you, I will go one day without shaving. I’ll be in the program about 240 days. 240 x $10 = $2,400.

That will be 240 days without me shaving once. No trimming. No nothing on my face except for hair. Now you have me intrigued. What would that even look like? Let’s find out. Donate today.

Here’s to a beautiful (??) BSHOP Beard!

Below is my BSHOP fundraising letter for more info on what it’s all about and how you can get involved by praying and donating today.

Hello family and friends,

I am writing today to tell you about the next phase of my journey: an eight-month mission school with the Bridge Street House of Prayer. I’ll be a student of the Mission School from September 2015 – May 2016.

Please take a few minutes to learn more and to pray about how you can be involved in this with me.

The purpose of the Bridge Street Mission School is to embed students in a lifestyle of intentional Christian community where they develop an intimate walk with Christ through a culture of fervent prayer, biblical teaching, and urban and global ministry experience.The program is set up in three phases:

Phase 1: “Formation” (September – December) – This phase is focused on spiritual development, which happens through teaching, reflection, and application. It includes 10-15 hours per week of topically-based teaching led by a variety of qualified speakers from around the world and urban ministry opportunities such as tutoring children, coaching soccer, running after-school programs, serving coffee in the Pavilion Coffee Shop, etc.

Phase 2: “Global Mission” (January – February) – Students experience life “on mission” in a foreign culture. All mission teams are sent to support and advance the mission of long-term missionaries around the globe.We work to build long-term partnerships so that our global efforts help to sustain and grow effective ministry among the people we are serving. Global outreach locations include Guatemala and India.

Phase 3: “Sending” (March – May) – In this final phase, students debrief all that was learned and experienced during the first 6 months of the school and prepare for what’s next in life.The “big win” is that students are well equipped, empowered, and then sent to the next place God is calling them with the purpose of glorifying God and building his Kingdom.This phase will include leadership training through lecture and hands-on experience. Students will be coached through attainable leadership opportunities within the mission of the BSHOP. Depending on the student’s gifts, these opportunities could range anywhere from planning a neighborhood event to leading a Bible study to building a garden.We want students to dream big, partner with what God is doing, and use their gifts to make it happen. If students can do this on a small scale here, then they can live out the dreams God has for them anywhere.

I feel led to attend Bridge Street Mission School because of the hands-on local and global opportunities it will give me – helping me grow in my personal leadership, gain urban and international missions experience, and strengthen my relationship with Christ.All of these things will give me a great foundation for whatever God has for me next.

The Mission School costs $7,800 and covers nearly everything in the program, including meals, housing, and the two-month international missions experience.

I currently have over half in-hand from my savings, graduation money, and work as a cabin leader at Pine Ridge Bible Camp this summer. I am hoping to raise the last half through the support of family and friends.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would prayerfully consider supporting me at the Bridge Street Mission School. Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Send a check or money order (payable to RJ Avery) to me at 1946 Linden Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49507.
  2. Give a gift in person the next time you see me.
  3. Give electronically through my GoFundMe account (there is a 5% administrative fee) at

While the Bridge Street House of Prayer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations for my missions school tuition are, unfortunately, not tax-deductible.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help! Sincerely,

RJ Avery


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