When I was three years old I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My parents prayed and prayed. Our church rallied around us and surrounded us with prayer. God healed me and now I have been cancer-free ever since.

Sometimes I wonder, why did God choose to save me. Why did I live while others, whose parents prayed just as hard, have died from cancer. Over the years, I have realized that God saved me for a purpose. I’m still not sure exactly what that purpose is, besides to tell others about Him. But it is becoming more clear.

As I lay in bed last night, after watching the inspirational movie Woodlawn (which you should all go see when it comes out October 16) which talks about using your gifts to glorify God, I was wondering about my gifts. In the movie, the main character was great at football so he was encouraged by his dad, coach, and the famous ‘Bama coach Bear Bryant, to use his gifts to there full potential and to give God all the praise.

I immediately thought back to my basketball days and how I was never close to being the star of an entire city, state, or country as the star player in Woodlawn was. Obviously, God hasn’t blessed me with amazing basketball skills that just can’t be taught.

But he has given me two amazing gifts: my two legs. As I thought about my legs, I thought about how I have already been using them to glorify God. I just about killed my legs (and the rest of my body) on October 19, 2014 running the 2014 Grand Rapids Marathon. But it was so worth it! I ran the marathon with Team World Vision to raise money to get clean water to those without it in Africa. Many people in Africa have to walk on average 3.7 miles round trip to get water (here’s more info about the need for clean water). With your help I raised the astounding amount of $1,561.20. That provides clean, pure, life-giving water to 31 people FOR LIFE!!

I will be using my legs again this year for the half-marathon on October 18, 2015. My goal is the same as last year: $2,620.

Now, I realize not all of you can use your legs to run a half-marathon or marathon. Whether it’s disease, age, asthma, or you just don’t think you can. Whatever your reason, you can still join us in this amazing journey. Even if you don’t run one mile, you can still change someone’s life forever.

How, you ask? Thank you for asking! You can donate. Just $50 gives one person clean water FOR LIFE!! Even if you can’t give that, give what you can. Whether your gift is $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, I am confident God will use it in amazing ways.

So, God has given me two amazing gifts, my two legs. He also blessed me with fast legs. I don’t know how far and fast they can take me, but I’m willing to find out. Just like the star football player in Woodlawn, I am using my gifts to glorify God.

As the famous Olympic runner Eric Liddell said, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

When I run, I am able to do a couple things. I can use my legs to their full God-given potential and I can run because they walk. But the latter is only possible with your help. Running in and of itself does nothing besides make my body more fit. But when I run for a purpose, God can use me to change the world.

If you wish to join in that purpose, visit: http://www.teamworldvision.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=44487

Thanks for your time,

In Christ,

RJ Avery


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  1. rolerrol says:

    I was deeply ministered by your testimony. God has great things for you indeed! I am inspired to pursue ALL that God has called me to do. Like your two legs God has given me something. I have an idea what it is but I have to seek Him more for Him to show me what it is…..God bless you as you live out God’s call on your life!



    1. ballerinaboy says:

      Thank you! It means a lot that people read and appreciate what I write! I can’t see nearly the whole puzzle of my life yet, but the pieces are slowly coming together. God is the master puzzle maker. Thanks for your input. But the best way you could support me would be by donating to my Team World Vision fundraising page I talked about: http://www.teamworldvision.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=44487
      God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rolerrol says:

        I will see what I can do man….



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