Ya’ll Ain’t Ready

I’ve had it for a while now. But now it’s suddenly becoming extremely urgent. Or, at least that’s what everyone says. “Oh, you’re a senior? What are you doing next year? No pressure. But it’s coming up fast! My son/daughter. . . .”(they proceed to tell me all about their kid they are so proud of because they are “doing something with their life.”)

You may know my condition by it’s more common term: Senioritis. Yep, I’ve sure got it. It seems like every person I meet is asking me what I’m going to do with my life after high school.

And you know what makes the constant pestering even worse? Up until a month ago, I HAD NO CLUE!!! Sure, I had a childhood dream of being a professional basketball player. But unless you’re black and can dunk as a freshman, you ain’t getting that far (Excuse the generalization, I know there are exceptions [quo The White Mamba], but one of them isn’t me).

But, thanks to my parents following the Lord’s leading, they strongly suggested I take a “gap year” and do some kind of mission trip. One idea my dad had was the Dream Center Leadership School in Los Angeles, California. Another, closer to home, idea was the Bridge Street House of Prayer (BSHOP) in Northwest Grand Rapids. Both mission programs couple leadership school with urban outreach. But two added incentives to BSHOP was that it also has a two-month overseas mission trip and two of my good friends are going this fall.

Of course, there are other amazing mission programs out there. But I felt that my decision was between these two.

As of today, May 15, 2015, I still am not sure to which one God is calling me. My dad joked a couple days ago that I could do one this year and one next year. It’s definitely an option!

So at least now I have narrowed down my choices. I can’t go wrong picking either one. I guess I just need to keep searching for His will. But no matter what my choice is, I know God will still love me. My family and friends will still love me. And whatever my circumstance, I can still glorify God and tell others about Him.

So, post-high school life, here I come.

Ya’ll ain’t ready.


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