I Apologize

You’ve seen the picture. It’s a table with four chairs, but one chair has fallen over. The caption says, “2015 Michigan earthquake. We will rebuild.”

11196244_10152892557361229_3869901154084876574_nI, possibly like you, was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed shortly after the 4.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday. And as I was scrolling, I saw the picture I just described. When I first read it, I laughed out loud because I didn’t even notice the earthquake. And immediately I shared the photo on Facebook so all my friends could get a few laughs and I could get a few likes.

But upon further inspection, I have realized that I shouldn’t have shared that photo. Yes, it was funny in the moment because the Michigan earthquake did literally no damage. It was puny compared to other earthquakes.

But, in light of the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake, I realized how naive I was to share that photo.

Earthquakes are no laughing matter. The Nepal earthquake killed more than 7,000 and left twice that many injured. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless. Entire villages were flattened. It devastated the whole region.

So, I apologize to everyone who has ever been affected by an earthquake. Instead of making light of earthquakes, I should be thanking God I haven’t had to experience one that could have killed me. I should be seeing what I can do to help the Nepal victims. I should be in prayer for them. The last thing I should be doing is mocking earthquakes.

Please forgive my immaturity. God’s still molding me. But I will try to use better judgement next time something like that pops up on my newsfeed and I won’t be so quick to share it.


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