Senior Season


Another year has gone by. Just like that it’s over. My senior year playing basketball on the Wyoming Warriors seems to of just started.

Looking back makes we wonder. Was it worth it?

Yes, I believe it was. Here’s why:

My teammates.

Despite popular belief, I do have friends. But basketball gave me another opportunity to add to my Facebook friend number.

My best friend already played for the Warriors so playing on the same team was a great opportunity to spend time with him and grow our friendship. And make fun of him (what friends are for, right?).

Some of my teammates I vaguely knew before this past basketball season but most I did not.

It was great to be able to reconnect with Malachi, who I had played with before on the Cougars (my previous team).

Over the season I was able to grow close to all my teammates and coaches through all the tough wins and loses, overnight tournaments, blowout losses, and just playing ball with them.

I have been blessed to have been able to spend a whole year with such an incredible group of guys.

Being an example.

Before almost every one of our varsity games was an elementary and junior high game. Back when I was on the Cougars on elementary and junior high, I know I definitely looked up to the guys on varsity. They were the best!

So, now being on varsity, I have been able to do the same my older teammates did for me when I was younger. I can leave an example for the younger players in our organization.

By handling wins with humility and losses with maturity, I can set the precedent. Not getting to high in wins and to low in losses. I need to always point our success back to the one who gave us the opportunity to play the game we love. I need to praise him in the wins and losses, not just because that’s what he calls us to do, but because the younger generation will follow our example.

Every day, in every situation, I set an example. It can either be one of how Christ calls us to live or it can be the opposite. I pray that I will always have the courage to set the right example.

Glorifying God.

Not everyone has the opportunity to play basketball.

Not everyone can just walk to their neighborhood park and shoot hoops. Some are disabled. Some live in areas so desperate for life’s necessities that they can’t imagine spending all the money it takes to build a basketball court.

I am so extremely blessed to live in America.

So, by using my God-given talents and God-given opportunities, I glorify God.

Also, instead of just being ignorant of all my blessings, I can give to those who are less fortunate than me. That can take many forms including financial aid and/or leading a basketball camp.

Also how I act when I play basketball gives glory to God. By praising him in both the wins and the losses, I point it all back to him.

He gave me the gift of basketball. I will continue to glorify him for his gift.


So I can say with confidence, yes, it was worth it.

No, basketball is not my life. But I can use it to find new friends, be a Christian example, and give all the glory back to the One who deserves it. Without him I wouldn’t be anyone.

I’m sure I will continue to play basketball just for fun. But I will definitely miss the past four months playing ball on the Wyoming Warriors varsity. It was time well spent.


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